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Century House Website

Who is Century House

Situated in beautiful Moody Park, Century House was established in 1958 to celebrate British Columbia’s Centennial Anniversary and become one of Canada’s first seniors’ centres. Century House continues to be a leading-edge seniors centre with its holistic service delivery.

The Active Living Guide and The Clarion outline the diverse services they provide to adults 50+ with independence and life enriching opportunities in fitness, wellness, education, language skills, arts, music, games and counselling.

In addition, Century House offers a variety of social and activity clubs, a lunch program and a lounge to connect older adults into a strong and supportive social network.

Project Description

Century House reached out to us late in 2021 to discuss the creation of a new website. From day one, the priority on this project was to make the website easy to read and navigate as the audience is on the older side. The existing site had a lot of quality content, and was being updated on a regular basis, but looked dated and was unwieldy to navigate.

Based on the above, we decided to create custom posts (along with categories) that would make it easy for the client to add content, and for the visitors to navigate using large tiles and effective filters. All this was wrapped in a friendly design, coupled with large, readable fonts and good colour contrast.

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Coast Mental Health Annual Reports

We design two annual reports for Coast Mental Health: the 2022/2023 Coast Mental Health Foundation Gratitude Report & the 2022/2023 Coast Mental Health Annual Report.

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