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New West Pride Website

Who is New West Pride

The purpose of the New West Pride Society is to empower, celebrate, and promote inclusivity, acceptance, and respect among persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities in New Westminster and surrounding communities. To this end, they organize and promote community building events, raise funds to better their communities, and actively work to engage everyone regardless of who they are.

Project Description

The studio has had a close relationship with the board of New West Pride for several years, so when it was time for them to tweak their logo, and update their website, we were lucky enough to have them reach out to us.

For the logo, we updated the colours to the progress pride palette, updated the font slightly and accentuated the word Pride instead of the words New West as PRIDE is the important part.

And then for the website, we decided to keep it simple and clean, but to also incorporate some bold fonts and blocks to reflect the boldness of the board and the society. We also used a picture of the Skytrain bridge, a defining architectural feature of New West, to accentuate their connection to the city, and the bridge the society is always working on strengthening between LGBTQ2S+ communities and all citizens of New West.

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