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NewWes Handyfolks Brand + Website

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Who is NewWes Handyfolks

NewWes Handyfolks was founded by New Westminster resident, and long-time friend of the studio, Wes Kinna. From a young age, Wes loved to build, design and take things apart and put them back together so he could understand how everything worked and why. It’s that curiosity that drove him to delve into aspects of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and finishing.

Through his 25+ career in the entertainment industry, Wes also learned about low-voltage electrical, rigging and stage carpentry, which gives him a deep well of resources to draw from in his new career.

Project Description

Wes reached out to us late in 2020 to discuss his idea to start a new company doing what he’s always loved: fixing and building things. We explored a few naming options and were delighted when Wes chose a name that was a play-on-words reflecting the location of his base of operation and this new chapter of his life.

Once we had the name, it was time to explore visual identity. We knew Wes was looking for a clean, simple logo and that he liked the colour blue; however the real challenge was coming up with a brandmark that reflected his industry, and also stood out from the multiple of logos with New West in their names. We went through several iterations, but once we landed on the screwdriver tips being incorporated into the two Es of the name, the rest came easily.

The next step was the website. Even though the home repairs industry is strongly driven by word of mouth, we knew Wes needed a simple, clean landing page that reflected who he was, and quickly communicated what he did. One of our favourite name options was DDIY Handyfolks, and luckily it made a great tagline: Don’t Do It Yourself. We built a website prominently featuring the tagline and the logo, wrapped some industry imagery around it along with the content that Wes provided to us. Sometimes, simpler really is better.

We really enjoyed working with Wes and cannot wait to help him grow his business.

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