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New West Hospice Society Website

Who is New West Hospice Society

The New West Hospice Society is dedicated to building a grassroots hospice initiative from the community level up, based on the Compassionate City model.

Founded in 2016, a major underlying purpose of the New West Hospice Society is to acknowledge and affirm that dying, death and grief are natural parts of the life-cycle. The overarching mission of the NWHS is to provide services and to facilitate processes for those in New Westminster experiencing end-of-life and bereavement. They envision a city in which dying, death and bereavement are normalized and where community bonds enable each other to live to their fullest in their communities during illness and dying, and through bereavement.

Project Description

The New West Hospice Society reached out to us late in 2020 to discuss the creation of a new website. Not only did their current website need a refresh, but they were also in the process of getting a new brand (thanks to Daxio Design) so the new website needed to reflect that new brand. So taking inspiration from the stone cairn of the logo, we designed and developed a website that tried to visually communicate the community that has to come together to help people in need of hospice care; all the pieces that need to come together to truly create a compassionate city around them. Since one of the points the society stressed in our discovery session is that a lot of the time the website visitors are dealing with a lot of stress when coming to the website, we designed the homepage to act like a table of contents to make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. We were also careful in selecting photos that showed it’s not only seniors that require hospice care. We’re very proud to have been able to help such a worthy local organization, and look forward to ongoing relationship with them.

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