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What is Content

Simply put, content is what you see when you do a Google search, scroll through your social media feeds, even what you’re reading right here. Content is when you share a post from your favourite entertainer, politician, or Aunt. Good content evokes an emotion, be it an ah-ha moment, an LOL, or L. Great content is what people share.

Making great content is not easy. And to be honest, not all your content is going to be a win. In fact, most it will likely fall flat. But done consistently, strategically, and with intent, you can have your content work for you, even if it doesn’t break the internet.

So, if you’re not going to be the next social media star, why post at all? Well, you don’t need everyone on the internet to share and engage with your content. You just need your target audience. Over time you will build trust and name recognition, leading to more prospects in your pipeline and, ultimately, more sales.

But how do you create all that content? I’m not gonna lie; it does take time. But, with a solid strategy behind you, you can save time and maximize your impact. Once you have a content strategy, a clear understanding of your goals, who your audience is and how you plan to measure the outcome, you‘re ready to start creating.

Now, let’s take a look at where you’ll find inspiration for your content.

First step, don't panic...

You don’t have to create original content. Remember, sharing is caring. Sharing posts from collaborators, clients, industry experts, others in your network, and even your pet-sitter if it meets your strategic goals, share it. Tailor your Google News feed for topics that are relevant to your business. Create Twitter lists around topics, people and organizations that are relevant to your strategic communications goals.

Look inward...

You already have a ton of content that’s sitting there on your website waiting to be discovered. Share it! Use social media to make your web content more approachable. Be approachable. Replace the loud “HEY, COME LOOK AT HOW I CAN HELP YOU MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS,” with a more casual tone. Talk to your audience the way you would if you were introduced to them at a party (remember those from the pre-COVID times?!).

Use your tools

You created a content calendar, now use it! Embrace “National Nap Day” or whatever “day” it is, see what’s trending on Twitter or popular on Instagram. Check out the free images and videos available (see my blog post about streamlining your social media content), say something catchy and join the conversation. You’re not looking for a Pulitzer; however, you do want to evoke emotion from your audience. Think about the kind of content that makes you want to share a post. What was it about that particular image or message that attracted you.

Post from the heart

Let the personality of your brand speak. You don’t have to only post stodgy corporate stats and key messages. In fact, that’s the last thing you should do. To build trust, you need to be authentic, show your sense of humour, your vulnerabilities. Imagine what your organization would be like if it was a person and channel that personality in your posts. Marvelling at the beautiful colours of Fall? Take a photo and post it. Woke up feeling unstoppable? Find a relatable GIF and post about it. Your content doesn’t have to be lengthy. Rather, you want to be approachable and evocative. You want to make a connection with your audience.


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Naomi Perks

NWP Consulting

Naomi Perks is a communications and marketing consultant with a passion for helping businesses tell their stories in meaningful ways and reach their target audience.

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